All paintings are original oils and are framed to suit, unless it states otherwise.

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Emotion Recollected in Tranquility

19.5 x 29.5”  board glazed



Poppies Towards High Hoyland

20 x 27.5” canvas



Cornfield with Poppies, West Bretton

19.5 x 27.5” canvas



Blowing in the Wind III

18 x 24” canvas



Golden Girl

18 x 24” canvas



A Window in the Woods

18 x 24” wood



She Dwells in Beauty

20x30” wood



Apple Tree with Nymph and Red Car

17x21" board



Interior with Rose in Green Glass Vase

17x21" board



18x24" board (backed)


Abstract 2

18x24" board (backed)


Abstract 3

18x24" board (backed)


The Cherry Tree

this painting has recently been sold



Morecambe Bay with Red Cat

13x18" board


The Way to Enlightenment is Through a Garden

16x24" wood


(Lady Luck) PinUp with Beach Scene and Tree



Lola Resting

18x24" board


Sands of Time: Crescent Moon, White Sand

13x18" board


Sun, House, Tree, River

14x17" board


Lake District, Orange Field

17x21" wood

this painting has recently been sold


Golf Course, County Durham

17x21" wood

this painting has recently been sold


King Solomon`s Mines

18x25" wood


Growing Land with Two Clouds

25x22" wood


Hexham Abbey

20x30" board


Sands of Time with Green Banking



Saving the White Rhino

19x29" wood


Sofa with Flower Pattern

17x21" canvas


The Wardrobe Mirror

24x18" canvas


Field Poppies, West Yorkshire

18x24” board

this painting has recently been sold



Cliff Edge II: Red Lady Walks her Dog

16x24” board



Winter Landscape

16x24” canvas



I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips…

24x26” wood



Interior with Model, and Pink Sand through Window

17x21” board



Gentle Landscape with Sandbanks

17x22” canvas



Vase of Flowers on Balcony

17x21” canvas



The Red Berry

21x17” canvas

this painting has recently been sold



Lane in Moonlight

22x17” board



The End of the Bed

18x30” canvas



On the Beach, Mablethorpe

17x20” wood



Figure at Washbasin

21x17” canvas

this painting has recently been sold



Bananas with Red Fish Vase, Apple and Cup

18x24” board



Morecambe Bay with UFO and Scarecrow

19x26” canvas



Lion and Balustrade Series: Yellow Lion

20x29” board



Lion and Balustrade Series: Red Lion

20x29” board



All Quiet on the Western Front

20x19” wood



The Bright Green Heath

20x30” wood



Let`s Put a Road Through Here

16x24” canvas



The Red Bottle

24x18” board



Medium pantings are posted within the UK Special Delivery by Royal Mail including packaging and insurance for £35. The price for delivery outside of the UK will depend on distance and may be negotiated according to circumstances. A purchaser coming to view and collect themselves will pay only the published price for the painting.

Please direct any enquiries via our contact page.

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